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I've already been to one peace and justice organization meeting this month, and very much wanted to go to the Albany march today; and then Laura said she wanted to go, and that cemented it. I didn't want to deal with downtown parking, and was delighted when a friend offered us a ride in. We parked about half a mile from the gathering point and walked in, then walked a few more blocks from there to the Capital (it's Albany, not NYC, remember?)

Our local march was a Unity march rather than a womens' march, with a theme of reminding us of how strong we'll all be if all the groups feeling threatened support each other. Besides the pink hats and feminist signs, we saw the local Socialist party, Black Lives Matter signs, lots of rainbows, lots of signs about tolerance and respect. The mood and the speeches were amazingly positive. (The only boos were at the mention of DeVos; the new president was never named.) The speakers were amazingly diverse-- pretty much everything but a white man! The event ended right on time. Laura and I walked far enough, in a different direction, to let my husband pick us up.

I had had the forethought to load the crockpot with soup ingredients in the morning, so we were digging into soup and good bread within minutes of arriving home.

If you go to such an event, consider a noisemaker, if they are allowed. I was jealous of the people with cowbells, as I stripped my throat chanting and cheering.
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