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I had a 'free' day off today. My church held a combined outdoor service with two other congregations, and it's not my year to play for that. Rather than go on an exceptionally hot day, I decided to go check out worship someplace else, preferably with air conditioning. Laura reminded me of a local church that has ASL interpreting, so off we went.

Watching the ASL interpreting was a blast-- she was very good. I'm not at all proficient, but I know enough that since I can hear I could figure out a lot of the signs. That was a blessing during a particularly long sermon!

We knew going in that it would be a contemporary service, and that the denomination was on the conservative side. Thankfully, there was nothing uncomfortable for me in the sermon, though I suspect that might not always be the case.

Contemporary worship music isn't my first choice, but this was reasonably well done. All of the musicians had really good pitch control, so it wasn't hard on the ears. A couple of the songs were pitched really uncomfortably for congregational singing. I was surprised and momentarily horrified when one singer picked up an accordion, but he used it beautifully-- basically much as some groups use a harmonica, adding lovely countermelodies. Mostly I wished I could commandeer the sound board and balance things correctly.

Date: 2017-06-11 09:16 pm (UTC)
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I'm curious about the sermon, if you'd be willing to tell about it.


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